Monday, August 18, 2014

Song from the Ashes featured!

I am humbled and touched by this beautiful tribute to Song from the Ashes on my friend's blog. Lisa and I have been friends for twenty years, and it was her little girl, Lilly, who inspired the character of Carys in my novel.

In her post, she highlights our friendship (including some wonderful photos from our twenties, the themed dinners we used to cook, and our travels in London), as well as a moving review of the novel.

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  1. I read it; I am so sorry for the loss of her little Lilly; what a neat tribute for you to include her and her disease in your book!


    1. It was tough on her, Betty, but she truly trusted God through the entire experience. It was beautiful to witness...

  2. I just finished your book, which prompted me to check out the blog that you had listed in the back of the book, the one about Lilly. I'm so glad you ended the book with Carys. It was such a sweet, sad ending.