Friday, October 17, 2014

Favorite Things Friday: Rya

It's time for favorite things Friday! Since it's the third Friday of the month, that means I feature an adoptable dog!

This is Rya the galga (female Spanish greyhound).  Rya was rescued from Spain where she spent her whole life as a hunting dog and a brood-mama, but now she's retired from all that mess and ready to find her new home!

Rya is eight years old but very spunky! She recently got into a pretty big tussle with one tough kitty, so she needs to be in a cat-free home. Having said that, she is small-dog safe, and she's as sweet as she can be with everyone else in the non-feline world.

Her adoption fee of $650 covers all her shots and vet care (including spay/neuter) and transportation costs. She is available for adoption anywhere in the US or Canada through Sighthound Underground. Send them an email or application if you're interested!


  1. She's beautiful and very tempting.


  2. I agree she is beautiful!


  3. Oh wow--all the way from Spain? Sounds like she's lived an exotic life!

  4. And fortunately, she was adopted today! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!