Saturday, February 14, 2015

Favorite Things Friday (Saturday?): Mes Trois Amours

I'm a day late, folks...and I'm so sorry. My husband and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday rather than Saturday in the hopes of avoiding the V-Day crush.  Last night I lured my love to World of Beer to celebrate his drink of choice, but today we had a friend over who brought three wonderful wines from our favorite California winery: Ledson.

About four years ago, we had the privilege of meeting Steve Ledson in person (and quite by accident). Stephen and I had visited Ledson once when we were dating and we loved it! Right in the heart of Sonoma, Ledson Winery looks like a cross between Batman's lair and a Newport mansion. It is Gothic in structure and impressive to behold, but the main draw is the wine itself.

During that fateful day in July of 2010, we were wine-tasting around Sonoma with my mom and step-dad and some friends. Arriving at Ledson, we were greeted by Steve Ledson himself, although at the time we had no idea of our good fortune other than the fact that our host drew back a velvet rope and led us up an enchanted stairway to a private tasting room in which something like twenty wines breathed. Apparently the private tasting party had not shown up, and we were the lucky recipients of this oversight. Two and a half hours later, we'd all joined Ledson's wine club and felt like we'd been in the presence of royalty (Steve Ledson is the master of making one feel like they're the only guest on the premises).

Here's the rub: Ledson does not distribute its wines. Unless you are a club member or a frequent visitor of the vineyard, there's no hope of tasting the nectar of the mythological wines that are Ledson's. OR, you can simply visit their website and order from its magical offerings (

This month, my suggested wine is Mes Trois Amours (My Three Loves) an extraordinary blend of Mourvedre, Syrah, and Grenache--three amorous varietals brought together in a balanced flavor-explosion that will set your glands firing and your eyes sparkling with these three LOVEly grapes of wonder.  

If you take the chance and order a few bottles of this delightful blend, I think you will agree that I'm right on target. I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I might have to look into this wine, Megan. It does sound like a good combination. Loved the story of your own private tasting with Mr. Ledson; great timing to be there right at the right time to experience a probable once in a lifetime event like this :)

    Wise idea to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early; I'm sure it was more relaxful than trying to fight the crowds tonight. We are cooking at home (but did go out last night :)


  2. How fun! I'm not much of a wine drinker but I feel like I should become one to have moments like this.