Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Repeating Mistakes

I am participating in the 2016 A-to-Z Challenge. My theme is the music of my life.


From 1999 to 2002, it was as if my life-choice dial was stuck on repeat.
I went back and forth to Australia three different times. I was once again trying to make a life in a foreign country, once again involved in a dead-end relationship, and once again miserable. Although I had some amazing travel experiences in Australia and New Zealand (I did a two week tour from top to bottom in NZ, traveled from Darwin to Alice Springs and spent a good amount of time in the Outback; later, I did a two-week stint from Sydney to Cairns), lived twice in Melbourne and had the opportunity to work and live there as a resident (once in a homestay and another time with a friend in an apartment), I was physically and psychologically worn down. Another relationship with a guy who was not a good match for me was wreaking havoc with my emotions. It felt like London all over again. The only difference was that I was in Australia.
In March of 2002, I turned thirty and something inside me clicked. What was I doing? Why did I keep running from one country to another looking for a man who apparently did not exist? In May of that year I left Australia for home and permanently hung up my ex-pat cloak. Enough was enough.

It was time to meet someone and settle down…at least that was what I thought. It would be four more years before I met my husband, and there was still a lot of heartbreak to come.


Have you ever repeated the same mistakes over and over again?


  1. Yes, I have. Life is circular and I'm in a loop of my own making. I hope you've found your answers, I'm still looking for mine!

  2. At least you got some good traveling in :) But all kidding aside, I'm sure those were tough years. In my younger years I think I did repeat the same mistakes; now that I'm older (not necessarily wiser, maybe more tired) I've realized they didn't get me anywhere then so why would they do so now.


  3. I'm sorry to hear about the heartbreaks you experienced.

  4. I was just going organizing books the other day and found the koala bear book you got me in Australia! Mistakes - sins - some things we just repeat over and over even though we hate it. Sometimes we're just so stuck we don't see our way out. Or when we think we do, we're still wrong. Life is ROUGH!