Monday, May 23, 2016

The Abolitionists

A former special agent for the CIA and Homeland Security, Tim Ballard now travels the world doing undercover sting operations that result in traffickers jailed and children freed. Ballard is the CEO and founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R), an organization that moves into foreign countries like Brazil and Haiti to infiltrate the sex trafficking industry. Working with foreign governments and operatives, these rescuers risk their lives to bring down the criminals who buy and sell children.

Last Monday, The Abolitionists hit the theaters for a one-night-only showing, but future showings are scheduled. Part of the proceeds from the tickets go to fund O.U.R and help save children.

Check out the trailer HERE, and if you see the movie is playing in your area, make a point to see it. It's a great documentary with a message. With God's leading, it only takes a few people stepping out in obedience to make a big difference and potentially save the life of a child.


  1. I will watch for this if it comes to the Phoenix area. Sounds interesting snd informative.


  2. Interesting! I'll look to see if it's playing here.