Friday, July 24, 2015

Favorite Things Friday: What's in a dog's name?

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” –Romeo and Juliet, II.ii

As many of you know, I have two beloved greyhounds (a retired racer and an Italian Greyhound). I belong to several online greyhound forums, and the other day someone asked the question—what was your greyhound’s racing name and what did you rename them (if you did)? This question prompted responses not only about people’s dog’s actual names, but also a list of names they call their dog and how those names evolved. One person said only their vet called their dog by its real name. At home it was called FiFi, FooFoo, Booger, and other terms of endearment.

Since I know a lot of people who have many names for their dogs, I thought this was a good place to address this all-too-common phenomenon.

My retired racer’s racing name was Starz Megabucks. His first family called him Megabucks (then, luckily for us, he was returned). His first foster dad called him Zee (for the Z in Starz). We renamed him Chase.  We do call him Chase, but he also answers to Chaser, Chaser-racer, Chasey, Chaserini, Chaseroo, Chaserooni, Chase-Man, Mr. Man, Chester, Moose, Moose-Man, Horse, Hamster, and Big Hamster.

Trinity came with her name and we kept it. She also answers to Trin-Trin, Trinner, Trinster, Trinister, Trinitor, Trinitarian, Trin-Spin, Trin-a-Min, Boo Boo, Boolicious, Miss Thing, and Woogie-Woogie.

Your turn.

Do you have nicknames for your dog or cat? Do they answer to them?


  1. Koda was supposed to be Dakota but we shortened it to Koda shortly before he arrived (can't remember why we did that though). His AKC registered name is (son's first name) Koda of the Big Sky (since we lived in Montana at the time). He answered to Koda, Little Guy (nickname for son is Guy, not his real name), Buddy, Poopy. He also answered to cheese bags rustling and the sound of the fridge door opening :)

    He came from a line of champions. One of them was called "I'm a Chunky Bootie". I hope they called that one something different at home :)


  2. We used to call our dog Ruben "Mr. Puppy." No idea why! We just call our dog nicknames. A friend's daughter calls her "Shelbs!" I call her sweetie a lot. You probably can tell I tend to spoil my dogs!

  3. LOL - our dogs don't have a long string of creative nicknames. Sherlotta (because of her behavior) is often called "Bomblotta" or just "The bomb." Exhaust Pipe is sometimes called "Mr. Pipe" or "Pipe" or "Exhausty." Lucia - well she only gets all her names added on if she's in trouble - which is rare - "Lucia Luann Halbrook Hollowell!"