Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's WRAP week!

This week, October 25-31, is the annual White Ribbon Against Pornography week. WRAP week is a gathering of national and state groups and organizations focused on bringing awareness to the harmful effects of pornography.

Begun in 1987 by Norma Norris, a Pennsylvania woman concerned about hardcore pornography being sold and distributed in her neighborhood, the initial campaign included local government involvement, big white ribbons, a motorcade, and the bulldozing of a local porn shop (purchased specifically for that purpose).

More recently, WRAP week has been observed by wearing white cause bracelets, displaying bumper stickers, distributing educational pamphlets, and participating in local events. Click HERE for a list of events to commemorate WRAP week and to learn what you can do to help. Both national and local groups are organizing all sorts of activities to educate people about the resources available for those ensnared in the bondage of pornography.

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*White Ribbon photo from National Center on Sexual Exploitation website

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  1. I'm glad you highlighted it here; I didn't realize or hadn't heard about this. Definitely something to look into further.