Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Set Free

Recently, a lot of people are getting involved in the fight against sex trafficking. Jaida Pinkett Smith, Natalie Grant, Ricky Martin, and Ashton Kutcher are just some celebrities who have lent their name and clout to the cause. Many other artists are joining in the battle against sexual exploitation. There is a position in the war for all of us.

Singer/Songwriter Joy Lippard is an inspirational artist and worship leader. After learning about the magnitude of global and domestic sex trafficking, Joy recorded an album called Set Free, with songs like "Let the Truth be Heard" and "I See a Light"--songs to educate and encourage. The music on this album is designed to help shed light on the hopelessness of the sex industry and offer a balm of understanding for trafficked victims. You can listen to the songs on her website and purchase the album here.

Joy is actively involved in the fight in other ways. She visits at-risk girls in detention centers and continues to minister to those in need of hope. She also has several other albums out and available for purchase on Amazon. I'm excited to see where and how God uses this young and talented musician.


  1. I'll have to check this out. I hadn't heard of Joy before, but always enjoy "discovering" new talents out there especially one that supports a cause like this.