Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guest Blog for Mother's Day: Infertility Is Not A Curse

Happy Thursday! It's almost the end of the week.

This month I am a guest blogger on Association of Christian Fiction Writers' blog. For many women, Mother's Day is not a celebratory time; instead, it's a day of pain and sadness. Some women have lost their mothers, have broken relationships with their mothers, or have lost children. For many years, it was a sad day for me as well.

I'm thankful to say that is not the case anymore.

If you'd like to read what I had to say as a guest blogger, click HERE.

I'll be back tomorrow with lots of great news! And for all of the mothers out there, happy belated Mother's Day!


  1. I read this earlier in the day when I was on my lunch break and I knew I wouldn't have time to write a long comment, so came back when I had a few extra minutes.

    I loved what you wrote as the guest post. I think there are a lot of well meaning people out there who just don't know what to say so they sometimes say things without really thinking through the words and the implications. I'm sure your friends/family were thinking they were helping when they gave their "advice" but I know unless someone walks that road like you did, they would totally not have the understanding of it.

    I do remember absolutely hating Mother's Day during those infertile years. I have come to appreciate how hard a day it is for so many people, like you mentioned, those that lost their moms, those struggling to be a mom, etc. I personally don't do a lot of fuss these days about it; I like what my mom said when we were younger; every day should be Mother's Day in how you treat your mother.

    I am so thankful God healed your heart and you arrived to the place you are at right now. I look forward to hearing your exciting news tomorrow!


    1. Thank you, Betty! I appreciate your words. I know you've walked through it too and understand how hard it can be.

  2. Your post was just so powerful. I am going to share it on FB and my blog. It was such a hard time for you and I know I can never know the true extent. I just wanted to make it better for you. I'm sure I said stupid things and I hate that. I am so thankful God redeemed it for you and Stephen.

    1. I'm just sorry that was a typo in it. I was so bummed about that.