Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge: S is for The Slap and Secrets and Lies

Any watchers out of these two shows out there?
The Slap and Secrets and Lies started up a few weeks ago (The Slap on NBC and Secrets and Lies on ABC). The Slap has finished now, and Secrets and Lies has one more episode to go. Both of these shows are Australian copies, which I think is interesting anyway. I’ve actually been watching both of the original Australian shows on Netflix, and in some ways, enjoying them even more than the American versions.
The Slap is a mini-series of sorts based on Christos Tsiolkas‘s novel by the same title. The story is told through different points-of-view, each week a different characters gives his or her take on what happened THAT afternoon at the party when a child was slapped by an adult in attendance that was not one of the child’s parents. High drama breaks loose as a result, and it’s strangely intriguing to watch all of these characters unravel and divulge their secrets and character flaws.

Secrets and Lies is a suburban mystery starring Ryan Phillipe and Juliet Lewis. In the first episode a young boy’s body is found in the woods by a neighbor who later becomes the prime suspect in the murder. He can’t remember where he was that night or what he did, but he knows he didn’t kill this boy. The more he resists the accusations, the more ferociously the lead detective comes after him. Again, fascinating stuff.

What shows are you watching these days?


  1. I haven't heard of either of these shows but they do sound intriguing :) LOL during this challenge I'm not watching much :) I hate to admit the only show I'm watching with consistency these days is American Idol :) After LOST, I "swore" never to get hooked on another show :)


  2. I haven't watched "The Slap" yet, but I did watch the Australian version of "Secrets and Lies." The Australians make some darned good TV! Have you watched "The Code" yet? Another compelling drama from down under.

    1. I haven't, but I will check it out! So far I've been very impressed with Aussie tv.