Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A to Z Challenge: R is for Relocation

I've lived in the Northern Virginia area since I was thirteen. (Thirty years!) Before that, we lived in small-town Tennessee--quite happily, I might add. It was really hard for me to adjust to this area when we first moved. I was used to having the same circle of friends since I was a tot; I'd never spent a second worrying about what kind of clothes I wore; and I'd certainly never thought about how I talked. When we arrived in the D.C. Metro area, I was thrust into a huge middle school (double the population of my school in Tennessee) with kids who were unfriendly and snooty with a tight-knit group of friends from their elementary school. Suddenly, I didn't have the right clothes, and I was keenly aware of it. I had a weird accent, and the kids made fun of me for it.

Railroad Sunset

In my hometown, everyone was friendly; people smiled and talked to each other on the street--even people they didn't know. In Northern Virginia, it seemed like no one talked to anyone. We lived for six years on a highly populated street, and we only knew one neighbor.

Sunset Over Suburbia

Sadly, things haven't changed much in this area. I'm the one that's changed and adapted. I know better than to make eye contact with people when I pass them on the street, and I no longer have expectations of friendship from people at work or church. I've learned the rules of engagement.

This regional aloofness coupled with rising housing costs, increasing traffic (and it's always been bad), and soaring overpopulation, prompted me and my husband to seek a life down south. We'd like to be closer to our families, and we're at an age where we'd like to have a simpler (and cheaper) way of life.

At our age, it's not easy. We have to think about getting jobs and selling houses and finding new friends. But we pray that the outcome is worth it.

Sunset Run

Have you relocated?


  1. I relocated from a small country town in Oz to a large metro area in south eastern VA. Most people are friendly here which is nice (until you get on the road. Then its every man and woman for themselves :)

    Sean at His and Hobbies

  2. I have relocated so many times that I don't even want to add up all the moves. I got sick and tired of my ex-husband not being able to keep a job, and then he'd find a different job and we'd move again. I hope I have moved for the last time. After our divorce, I moved to Florida to be near my son. It's not perfect here, but it's not bad. It is very difficult to live in Virginia or the general D.C. area, so I understand your desire to move.


  3. LOL have I relocated :) I'm like Janie Junebug, but probably not as many :) Hubby and me are 61/57 (remember he's the older one) and we've relocated just fine recently to Arizona, but before then we never stayed longer than 3-4 years in an area, longest was Montana for 8 years (only because I told hubby at the time I really wanted the kids to be able to stay put for a few years and finish out their education in one place). Do your research; figure out what you want in a new community, what the cost of living is, how easy it is to get jobs, etc. Best place too to meet people is church. It does take a bit to get settled in, for me it takes about a year or two before I feel comfortable enough to venture out to meet people, but that's because we've moved so many times. Definitely pray about it; if God wants you to relocate somewhere, I think he will open those doors for you :)


  4. I am SO THANKFUL not to live in NOVA anymore. Florida didn't work out - too much of a culture shock. But here in N.C. - it is perfect. I love it. I pray you all will be able to move before too much longer!

  5. I hope your plans to relocate to a place you feel wonderful about unfolds with perfect ease and grace.

  6. Have I relocated? Um, yes. Several times, across countries. And continents :) It's not easy, especially for a child, but it can be fun too. Hope yours goes well.
    Here from the A-Z, and all the best for the rest of the challenge as well,