Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Xavier Ross

I am participating in the 2016 A-to-Z Blog Challenge. My theme is the music of my life.

In 2014, my novel Song from the Ashes was published by eLectio Publishing, a small press based out of Texas. Song from the Ashes is a retelling of Edith Wharton's s classic novel, The Age of Innocence, and tells the story of Landon Kingsley and his struggle to choose between two women: the one he really loves and the one he thinks he's supposed to marry. It was a departure from my sex-trafficking topics; this one dealt with the psychological tortures of love, its disappointments and demands.

I like to write about characters standing at crossroads who have to make big decisions. Historically speaking, I have always been attracted to plots that involve tortured men and the women who desperately want to love them. Or love affairs that simply cannot happen for one reason or another.  Going forward, I plan to write more books with these types of characters.

Currently, I am finishing a novel entitled Dangerous to Know. This is historical fiction based on the disastrous marriage of famous poet, Lord George Gordon Byron to Annabella Milbanke. Because the story departs from historical details at the end, I am naming his character Lord Gregory Gordon Bromby. He is dark, moody, and Byronic--just my sort of anti-hero. It has been a pleasure to write, and I think in the future I may follow this path for my writing topics.

This brings me to Xavier. Xavier Ross. I do not know the story yet, except that it will be a Gothic mystery set in historical England. I imagine this new character as a sort of Poldark meets Heathclifff and Hamlet...and of course he will be a tortured soul with secrets and an inexplicable magnetism.

I plan to finish Dangerous to Know in May, and Xavier Ross's story will begin this summer...stay tuned...

Whenever I think of dark and tortured characters, I think of Depeche Mode's tune One Caress. And then, who could ever forget Kate Bush's nod to Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff?

Who are some of your favorite heroic (or anti-heroic) characters?



  1. Wow I admire you! You teach school which is hard enough and then you are writing a book with another planned for summer! Plus you are doing the A/Z Challenge! Do you sleep in the month of April??


    1. I've enjoyed A to Z, but I'm really glad it's over. :) Not sleeping a lot these days.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of great books brewing!

  3. Oh wow - I am excited about your new book! You know I love those dark brooding characters too. (Well the manly ones - not the modern whimpy undecisive guys. Just like I don't like modern sparkly vampires.) I've been wanting to re-read Wuthering Heights. And Lord Byron - I always read his writings with relish. Have you done a lot of historical research? I love that kind of thing.

    1. Yes, I am drawn to the manly ones (no wimps allowed!) Funnily enough, I still had all my books on Byron from graduate school, so I have been poring over those. It has been so much fun!