Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for Yesterday's Door

I am participating in the 2016 A-to-Z Blog Challenge. My theme is the music of my life.

These days, one of my favorite songs is "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again" by Danny Gokey. Danny Gokey was an American Idol contestant a few years ago where I believe he won third place. He had a fantastic voice and a truly inspiring story. Not long before the competition, his wife had died, yet he went on to compete, feeling sure she would have wanted him to do so.

One of the lines in the song gets me every time: "Yesterday's a closing door, you don't live there anymore." I've been thinking  about how true that is. Yesterday's doors close for a reason, and I shouldn't try to live there or keep reopening them to wonder how things would have been if...

It's taken me several years to leave those doors alone and be content with the parts of my life that are unchangeable,  as well as to strive for change down the corridors lined with dreams. These days I try to live in the present and not allow my future to be stifled by any past patterns or failures.

In 2015, I attended Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. That week changed my perspective on a lot of things. First of all, I had the opportunity to be amongst other like-minded individuals who were all crazy writers just like me, and the support system was incredible. I felt looked around and realized that they were writing and publishing and making a living at it, so why couldn't I?

Second, I was introduced to the idea of freelance editing as a potential career. While attending a workshop, another writer suggested I check out some small publishing companies looking for editors. Specifically, Pelican Book Group was named. That tip resulted in an editing internship where I learned how to evaluate manuscripts for acquisitions, take the lead as primary editor, or man the back end as copyeditor. A few months later, I was hired on as a member of staff.

This "gig" has been a true blessing, and it has given me hope that I can change the parts of my life I don't like. Through God all things are possible.

This brings me to my second song for the day--another Danny Gokey song--"Hope in Front of Me."

Hope really does spring eternal, and yesterday does not dictate my tomorrow.


  1. I love that you are working for Pelican. And I am praying that you won't have to go back to teaching again next school year! It is exciting how God is using your gift of writing.

  2. Amen with your last line! It is so interesting how God weaves our lives together isn't it? And he's not yet done weaving in your life :)